Donate $25.00 and receive a travel voucher to a Mexican Resort!



One of our valued and long time customer, Bullet Brown with AB Grooming in Childersburg, Alabama, is in need of funds to cover her part of the cost for her new prosthetic leg.  In September 2016, she was bit by a scorpion that hid in her shoe.  The doctors did not take her sting seriously, and she has had her lower arm and leg amputated due to this unfortunate situation.  She is a fighter and is still grooming dogs and cats at her groom shop, AB Grooming, but with some obvious difficulties.  Getting her new prosthetic leg on August 21, 2018, will dramatically improve her daily life.


Running K9 LLC is committed to help Bullet reach her goal, especially since she is such a wonderful advocate for any animal that needs help.  When animals can't speak up when they need help, she is their voice and will loudly speak for them until they get the help they need.  She keeps rescuing animals in need, and has a heart of gold.

Running K9 LLC will offer a travel voucher to any donations over $25.00 to either a Mexican Resort (5-nights), or to Las Vegas or Orlando (3-nights).  You will only have to pay local taxes.


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