K9 Competition Blackness Shampoo 5.7 Liter

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Blackness Shampoo neutralises discolouring and brings out the natural deep color in the coat. This balanced formula with 100% Aloe Vera, D-Panthenol and wheat protein acts calming on sensitive skin, proivides optimal moisture balance and healthy, nourished coat. It’s economical in use and makes coat care easy, with perfect long lasting show result.

• Color toning
• Economical
• Shine

Instructions: Use as it is or dilute up to 1-10. Rince with warmer eater on oily coats and colder on dry. For best results, repeate once. Finish with K9 ALOE VERA COMPETITION CONDITIONER for optimal coat quality.

Content: Aqua, mg laurylsulfat, cocobetain, certifierad aloe vera, cocoamphodin, D-pantenol, wheat protein, scent,
preservative, color pigment.


300 ml  / 10.14 oz

pH 5,5